Night and Day

night and day

Night and Day

Each defines what the other is not.

Never able to share the same spot

Meeting at the edge of dusk and dawn

Each one knowing the other won’t be there long.

Taking turns at ending the other’s reign

Each knowing the other’s pain

Back and forth, round and round they go

Fate has determined nothing between them will ever grow.

Scott wrote this poem for me last summer at some point.  I don’t remember when exactly, but it seems like in July sometime,  and I’ve deleted the email he sent it to me in.  I published it and then took it out, because it seemed so personal, so sad, as we were drifting apart because he was seeing Betty, and I couldn’t understand why it had to be this way. 

Megan sent me a link to a blog about twin flame separation.  I gasped when I read this.

“Separation of lovers is the most epic of all. Going down in histories repeated in an uncharted numbers of ways. Even the Sun and the Moon are in love, according to the stories that humankind has told, and that all is fine, for all that there is, is a metaphor for love.

Twin Souls/Flames, United as one, separated for the purpose of becoming, only to join again, once more, as a fuller, more expanded version than ever before. Forever seeking one another, for they can never really part. The story of love, belonging and completeness indeed. To become whole is only possible when the truths of divinity are lost, for one can never be incomplete. All is a discovery of the divine within. The divine which already exists as complete. But, what fun is that? To always be same, always be the lightest, brightest, most sublime of all.

Even the Sun would forget itself if given only one option to perceive itself, eternally, from its own eyes that cannot perceive it’s own magnificent glow.

To be the light is one thing. To see what being the light among darkness means in an experiential way, is another.”

Now, I know why it had to be that way.  I know there is the twin flame thing going on.  I know that he felt it, but didn’t understand what it was then.  What he described as “fate” was because Betty was in his life, and I didn’t know it.  Nothing was going to grow, then….except, he was wrong.  It was growing.  It’s still there.  

I post it the poem now, because it lends so much validation to the fact that we are twin flames.  He describes that relationship perfectly, and describes us perfectly.  I wish I could talk to him about this, but I know he’s not in a place for that conversation.  I’ll just hold it close to my heart, and go on about my business.  There will come a day when we can talk about it. 

My friend, the medium, told me she wouldn’t wish this twin flame stuff on anyone.  It is more than painful.  It’s easier though, the more I understand it.  I see that what Scott did was part of his journey, part of the lesson he needed to learn.  It caused everyone a lot of pain, but a lot of growth. I even see now, that he was telling me a truth when he said he needed to find himself.  Not the whole truth, not even on the level he thought he did. But that statement was true, and ongoing.

Forgiveness comes with understanding.


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