Just an Afterthought

I just remembered something about last night that my friend and I both found really cool.

We walked into this bar/cafe, and because they had a good band playing, even at 7:15 every seat was taken.  As we were looking around, a woman at the bar said to us, “We just came here for dinner, and we’ll be leaving in 15 or 20 minutes.  If you stay here, you can grab our seats when we go.”  They were sitting at the bar, which is our preferred place to sit, because it’s just more casual, presents a better opportunity to meet and talk with people. That was so cool!

Then while we were waiting, there was a high table, with no chairs, where we could stand and at least put our wine glasses on it.  As we stood there, another woman who was seated at a high bar on stools (there are individual high bar tables scattered around) offered to us the empty chair at her table.

When we finally sat down at the bar, which was only about 15 minutes later, we were sitting there, and had our coats on the back of the bar chairs.  My coat fell off, unknown to me, and someone came over, picked it up, and gave it to me.

Just people, being so nice!!!  People talking, like family.  It was a neighborhood bar.  Small. The bartenders were 3 women, so friendly, so nice.  The people at the bar all talked to each other.  Someone came and asked us to dance, I deferred to my friend, lol.  She loves to dance, I am ok with it, but was not feeling like moving after 3 glasses of wine, lol.  While she danced a man next to me began a convo with me.  He was younger than me, and I think he really had his eye on my friend who was dancing, she was much closer to his age (she’s 50, I’m 64) .  But he asked how long I’d been single, we compared our ring “scars”!  LOL.  He’d been married 22 years. Me, 32.  We kind of understood each other, lol.

It was just so pleasant, to actually have people who were friendly, kind, normal interaction with fellow human beings.  We had a blast.  My friend was so happy she got to dance.

It restored my faith, that most people in this world are good and kind, and loving people.  I guess that’s why I had such a good time.

6 responses to “Just an Afterthought

  1. Yes, sometimes it is hard to remember that the world is full of kind, friendly loving people, not like S and R.. not like them at all and neither are we, that goodness!!

  2. Your post makes me feel nice about travelling by myself sometime…. Kind and nice people are so rare yet they are everywhere… Married for 32 years? Wow… My parent’s celebrate their 29th anniversary soon… bravo! haha 😉

    • Yes, and with him 40. We met when we were 18, divorced when we were 57. It’s crazy…. I’m pretty sure I never loved him the way I loved S either. There was/is some kind of connection. I wish him well, I hope he finds his way. But the person he has manifested now, needs to leave me the fuck alone.

      • Amen to that 🙂

        We love others in ways we don’t understand ourselves, but love, we do. 🙂 I hope you all be happy with the choices you make & hope the same for me too 🙂

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