Trying to Get Back to Myself

I just watched a documentary on Lama Garchen Rinpochet, who is considered to be a Buddha.  My friend with whom I am staying last night and tonight, had the great honor of meeting him.

Evolved, to say the least.  He travels the world, for the purpose of bringing love to all sentient beings.  All, not just some.  People cry, sob, for the love he gives them. You can see pure joy on their faces.  .

Unconditional love.

And that’s how we become happy, according to the dharma.

I believe it. I am finally getting back to the place where I know that unconditional love is my way.  I know that is when I am happiest, when I am acknowledging that believing in unconditional love means, loving people, without judgement, despite what you may feel on some other, less evolved, level.

The documentary reminded me who I was, who I wanted to be.  The nastiness of last week set me back.  I felt like I had to reclaim my life, my memories, what was MINE back from those who wanted to take it from me, pretend it never was, that it didn’t exist.

Tonight I remembered, I realized, that it’s mine, and try as they might, they can’t take it, so why get upset?  My life, my experiences, my truth, and my unconditional love can’t be taken. By anyone.

So,  the investment I had in bringing the truth to light, caused me to experience some really ugly emotions, some mine, some theirs.

I realize that there are people who are attached to their pain, to their story, that believe spreading it around will make it thinner for them.  But the opposite happens, and it becomes pervasive.

I have released all attachment to that outcome. I know what is mine, in my heart, and can’t be taken by that darkness. I know what was, what is, and I know where I want to go.  And that’s back to forgiveness, and unconditional love, and sending love and light to all, including those who tried to take it from me. They  need it most of all.

Love and light….. 🙂

3 responses to “Trying to Get Back to Myself

  1. I am happy for you that you can feel this way now. 🙂 Hang on to that, friend!
    Oh I hope you received my e-mail by the way. It was titled Ireland. 🙂 Take care. xo

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