Early Morning Thoughts

Back to work today.  It will be a long 3 days this week, catching up.  And trying to deal with the house in FL.  Not sure if my sis will buy it or loan me the money.  I would guess buy it, and just flip it to me.  She and my brother-in-law both think it’s a great buy, a perfect place for me.  And I have to agree.  I can’t imagine getting to the beach anytime I want, which will be every day, LOL.

My son and I sat and talked a lot last night, about the house, the move, his job, his plans, my plans.  It was really good.  He’s such a great kid, I’m so proud of him.  He had a party here Saturday night, and showed me video, it wasn’t a ton of people, but he is learning to mix music, and had some cool lights down in his space.  And the best thing was that most of them spent the night here and then did a wonderful job of cleaning the house up.  It was cleaner than I left it!  I didn’t look at the basement, but he said I wouldn’t recognize it, that one of the girls spent hours down there Sunday cleaning it!.

Maybe I’ll hire them, lol.  I have to get all the many windows washed, and fix my dang fireplace, and get the deck painted.  And I need a new ceiling fixture for the light in the kitchen.  But that’s not really all that much, it’s all doable.

Back to the daily grind for now though.  Moving on down the road.  Life is good.

Love and light, all.

7 responses to “Early Morning Thoughts

  1. Things sound so great! What a little gem your son is 🙂
    I know you’re excited and I’m so excited for you….so…get your house sold, get the other one bought and start writing “the new adventures of Deb!”

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