The Universe Is Listening…..

universe listens

I got the house!!!!  Whoo Hoo!!!!!  The buyer countered with an offer in which he met us more than half way, (actually exactly what we were hoping he would come back at) and we took it, my sister signed it and sent it off to the realtor yesterday!!  (Then I went out with a friend and celebrated!!!)

Now it just has to pass the inspections next week.  We’re doing 3 inspections, a regular home inspection, a termite inspection (apparently that’s a huge problem down in Florida) and a hydrostatic plumbing test to make sure there are no problems between the house and the street.

And if it passes, the closing is set for April 19, which….believe it or not….  IS MY BIRTHDAY!!!  I mean, what kind of sign is that???  The Universe is not only manifesting my dream, but giving it to me for a birthday present!!!!  I am ever so slightly blown away by that.

It reminded me of getting my Supreme Court decision, and the end of my long, (4 years) contentious, tedious divorce.

My divorce went to the Supreme Court on December 4, 2010.  Then you wait for a decision. They have no time limit.  Some cases wait a year, 18 months, even 2 years.  Some are quicker, a few months.  I kept saying I wanted it by Easter that year, which was April 24.  I really wanted it for my birthday, lol, but thought that was asking a lot to get it for a birthday present.  The decisions are announced on Monday of  the week before they are official.

I was driving home on the Friday before my birthday that year, and just before I got home I saw a sundog, almost exactly like the one in the picture.  Sundogs have always been my personal good luck sign.  I remember thinking, “That’s cool!  Don’t often see them in April, because they require ice crystals to be in the atmosphere.  That’s a really good sign.”

When I got home a few minutes later, I found in my email a message from my atty, with an court document attached, telling us that the decision would be published Monday, April 18, and official April 25!

The universe, in it’s inimitable way, gave me the announcement  that the decision would be published on April 18, the day before my 60th birthday!  And the decision was official April 25.

So, my birthday is a lucky day for me, I think, besides being the day I came into this world!

Ok, so I’m feeling really good about all of this, better than good.  Totally blessed.  So happy.  Have a lot of work now to get the house up here on the market, I’m hoping in early April.

Please universe, let it sell easily, and quickly enough that I can move this summer.  This is my intention.

Living like water, moving back to the source from which we all came.  Love and light all…..




12 responses to “The Universe Is Listening…..

  1. That’s great news! I’m headed down that way this weekend. My youngest daughter and I are going to Casadega Saturday, checking out the haunted graveyards and stuff and spending the night. She told me to look up the “devils’ chair” which I did. NO thank you! LOL
    I know you are so excited you could burst and what a birthday present indeed! Yay!

  2. Great news!!! Congratulations on the house. I am so excited for you. aaah I wish I could win the lottery and have a house in Florida to go to for the cruel winters here, lol. 🙂
    It is going to be wonderful for you. Such adventures await you. Hugs.

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