Staying in the Here and Now, for Now

here and now

I have been feeling like my blogs are becoming quite boring, really. I don’t have much profound stuff to write about lately. It’s all about the real here and now, getting the house up for sale, buying insurance for my house in FL. Getting ready for the move….So much to do to put this thing together.

It is a bit overwhelming to be doing it alone at times. However, my sister and brother-in-law have been life-savers there. Of course, without them I wouldn’t have bought a house already, so wouldn’t be dealing with buying and selling and moving all at once. I’m so grateful to them for what they have done. I thought I’d have to move down there, store my stuff, and live in my sis’s garage apartment (which is more like a 4 star hotel, lol) while I found a place to buy. It has taken a lot of the burden off of me to have a place to just move into.

Part of the overwhelming-ness is that my son will be moving away at the same time. He’s ready, he is excited about it, he wants to be on his own and I know I have to just let him find his way. It’s just that it’s been just the 2 of us for 8 years now, we have been a constant in each other’s lives. It’s just that we have always been there, just other life in the house. His energy is chaotic, young, excited. Mine is the opposite, I think. Calm, pragmatic, not too uptight about most things, most of the time. (I can lose it over a mess…which is his biggest fault, lol.) I will miss him. He’s kept me young since he was born when I was 41 years old. He tells me his friends think I am the coolest mom ever, which pleases me.

I have been missing my kitty too…more than I thought I would, to be honest. I’m miss her waiting at the door for me when I come home, bolting up the stairs ahead of me to get a drink out of the bathroom sink, sitting with me during my morning meditation, hopping up on the bed and sticking her nose in my face while I read. She was good company to me.

I went out with a friend last night to a kind of neighborhood local bar/restaurant. Small, but with live music. We enjoyed the band a lot, they played a lot of music from our era, they had one set that the vocalist, a woman, called “The Woodstock Hour”. Jefferson Airplane and Santana, Grateful Dead, among others, it was fun. They did some country, some blues, some kind of obscure old music. My friend asked a man to take a picture of us, which he did. He then came over and bought us a drink. She had told him I was moving, lol, and he and I talked a bit. It was nice, friendly. I think that I will do better when I move, and put myself in positions to actually meet someone in real life, rather than online. Anyway, it was lovely to get out for a few hours after a long week.

So, life goes on. I’ll be crazy busy finalizing the house for pictures this weekend. I hope I get to enjoy some of this lovely spring weather we’re having too. Finally.

Love and light, all.

8 responses to “Staying in the Here and Now, for Now

  1. I think you’re probably entering that ‘hiatus’ phase that comes with a big life change – it’s a slow detachment from where you currently are, excitement mixed with apprehension and anticipation about where you’re going. And of course there’s taking stock: thinking how different life will be without your son around all the time is bound to feel pretty poignant. As you know, change isn’t always comfortable, even though it’s for the best.

    Be gentle with yourself. Glad to hear you got out for a few hours yesterday – Florida is great for bars, beachfront cafes and generally chilled people – so yes, get your sparkly sandals out and leave the computer behind!!

    Sending much love and big hugs! ❤ x

    • Ahh Megan. I actually bought some sparkle flip flops, lol. Yeah I’m anxious to get there snd leave this old life behind. I hope I can hold onto myself and what’s best for me til I go. Hope there’s no huge pulls in the wrong direction. Thanks…. Xo

  2. My experience with meeting people on social media romances has been tedious and boring, filled with sexting and inappropriate behavior, scammers looking for a buck, or potentially dangerous sociopaths.,the inability to see and talk with them face to face leaves u easily confused and vulnerable and easy to deceive. I’m now thru with that..if they ain’t here in the flesh, they ain’t really here at all–a hard lesson that took me a long while to learn…

  3. Your posts are never boring!
    Having just one child ( 21year old son), I can sort of imagine how you must be feeling about the parting and that can’t be easy. Hugs, j

  4. I am so glad to see that you are making big, positive changes in your life! It might all seem so hectic right now, but in the end, all of this will definitely be worth it. Always focus on your happiness. They say that if you try to find love, you won’t actually find it. You have to let it find you. Give it time and focus on yourself. It will be worth it. 🙂

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