Gongs and Gardens


gongs in the garden

I have had a glass of wine every night this week. VERY unlike me. I don’t know why. I think I’ve just been stressed, had so much to do, it just has felt nice to sip on a glass with all the stuff I’ve had going on.

I have gongs tomorrow. I always say, perfect timing. And it always is. I’m ready to close my eyes, for the lights to go out and get transported to the ethers. Lots of stuff in there to work out, and may be I will and maybe I won’t. Always accomplish something though. I’m taking a girl I work with, and my friend who I go out with a lot. My friend has never been, and she’s not like me, not so alternative. But she seems psyched.

I’m not so unsettled now, as I was this morning. The day has a way of bringing me back to the present moment. I haven’t had any second thoughts about the choices I’ve made about my life’s direction, about S and how I feel about him. The edge is off of it some, but the feeling remains the same. I’m still walking away, at a nice steady pace, eyes forward. No looking over my shoulder.

Realtor sent me a link to my listing online. The house looks good, if I do say so myself. I’m still trying to find all the stuff they got out of sight. And I thought I’d already done a pretty good job of clearing it out!

Looking forward to my new life and all it brings. My sis says my deck in Florida is perfect for orchids, because it’s shady. She’s going to help me with the plants, it will be so much fun. A lot of people in the neighborhood have these โ€œFeed the worldโ€ gardens up by the sidewalk. They grow veggies, that are meant to be taken by anyone who needs them. Kale, cabbage, I don’t even know what else. But I love the idea, that someone who might be hungry would find the food and not be hungry. It looks nice too. So I may try to do that.

The town has a community garden about 4 doors down from me, where people can get a little plot and grow a veggie garden. When I was there, there were people in there working on their gardens, talking….nice. What a nice thing to have on my block.

So tomorrow, I’ll go to the gongs, and work out whatever comes up to be worked out. Feeling peaceful tonight, happy. Content.

And falling asleep. Love and light.

7 responses to “Gongs and Gardens

  1. oh, I love the thought of being able to do a little gardening! How wonderful. Perhaps I will “swing by” and ask for a carrot or two, lol. ๐Ÿ™‚ Could try to make you my african soup that I made years ago with tons of vegetables and (mild) spices. Oh wow, I am jealous already of you garden haha. You have got to show pics later on, of that.
    Am glad you are feeling better now. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Geeze Deb. You didn’t tell me you were a wino! LOL
    I love the idea of “feed the world.” I’ve seen those before. Maybe I should talk one of my neighbors into starting one here.
    I’m just so happy for you and I am sending you the best wishes….I don’t do that for many people but I know it’s going to be a great new start for you.

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