Good Things :)


It’s amazing what a good night’s sleep can do for you, lol.

I told my boss yesterday about my impending move. I said, “I’m NOT giving you my notice!” He laughed, but he was very grateful to know what my plans were because they totally affect his plans with staffing in the business. I told him that having been a boss for so long, I can see that he has an issue and that I knew I would be instrumental in solving it, so I wanted him to be able to plan. It was selfish as well, because I know I will be training anyone he hires, for the other job as well as mine, and training, decent training, will take at least a month for each position. He asked me to please start writing a manual for my job, because it is by far the most complicated admin job. He asked if I knew anyone who might be able to do my job, which is WAY unusual for him. But it requires someone who has some knowledge of bookkeeping, doesn’t want to stay tied to a desk all day, can work independently, and really likes customer service. I told him I will keep my eyes open. I told him when I accepted an offer, I would expect to have around 60 days then. He laughingly said, “Labor Day….” and really I’d be ok with that, I just don’t want to be here in the winter. I’d like though, ideally to be moving in July or August, even though it’s hot as hell in FL then. I told him I assume whoever buys my house will be a family with kids who want to be settled in before school starts.

I’m so relieved he knows my plans. It has been bothering me, and I just felt that even though I don’t have an exit date, that he’d want to know. And he did. I was also afraid that someone would let it slip since a lot of people at work know, and I didn’t want him to hear it from someone else.

He and I communicate easily, it’s a pleasant relationship now. It was hard for a few years in the beginning, but he’s come to appreciate me, I think. Not just my work ethic and ability to work without too much direction from him, but that I try to guide the younger members of our staff as to the way he wants things done.

I still have this stomach thing, I know I should call the dr, but I will pay out of pocket for it, and I hate to do that. Totally pisses me off . I feel like it might be one of my diabetes meds, which bothers me some, because it worries me that I might not tolerate it any more, after taking it for about 15 years. I take two a day, one in the morning and one at night. Yesterday I didn’t take the morning one, and I was better yesterday morning, and my blood sugar was ok all day. So I’m gonna do that again today. Maybe I don’t need 2 any more, since I lost 20 lbs. IDK. This particular med is processed through the liver, and on my last labs only a few weeks ago, my liver function was good. So it also could just be a bug. I supposed a call to the dr is in order.

I spoke to my friend in FL last night for about an hour. She is such a great person! I’m going to send her a key to my house so she can go check on it for me. Her bff there lives about 4 blocks from me, she is there a lot. She said she’d be happy to do that. So I have to have my sis send me a key, and I’ll get one made for her.

Can’t wait to go out and watch her sing. And last night she was telling me she has yearly passes to all the parks, except Disney, in Orlando which is about an hour and a half from me. How fun!!! She had a back injury years ago that has really disabled her to some extent and she’s put on a lot of weight. She is going to get weightloss surgery within the next month, because she just hates the weight (she was always thin) and it will help her mobility too. She’s so looking forward to losing the weight and hanging out at the beach with me. She can also hang out at the yacht club with me, lol. She was in the merchant marines for many years, so she can speak the language too. And we both want to find a rich guy with a boat, lol.

Anyway, life is looking good today. If I can just get this house sold!!! Gotta set some intentions, lol. Got so much to look forward to.

Love and light.

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