Digging In The Dark, Part

found it

I dug all night.
I was still digging when first dawn broke.
Rain falling,
And cold.
Tears falling,
They were cold too.
Shivering, in the early dawn hours
I was beginning to see
And not feel
And I knew the time was running out.

The dirt in clumps,
Under my fingernails,
Bugs crawling,
Worms squirming.
I was undeterred.
I wanted it back.

And then
The clouds parted and
Daylight broke.
A ray of light through the trees
Illuminated the hole and
I found it.

I found it.


I’ll take better care of it,
And not give it away
To the darkness again.


8 responses to “Digging In The Dark, Part

  1. 🙂

    This is such a solid poem! I am awfully glad that I read it.
    You are killing it lately and I am here for this and that and alladat, indeed!

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