The Healing Gongs

gong bath

I went to a gong bath last night. For my newer readers, I’ll explain. A gong bath does not involve water. It is an hour long, (sometimes longer) meditation that is facilitated by playing of gongs, in this case 8 of them, and crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, and drums, and bells. People tend to just lay on the floor with a blanket and pillow, or in a zero-gravity chair. I prefer the floor, because I like to change positions and in a chair you are pretty much stuck laying on your back. I’ve been going at least twice a month for 6 years. Lights go out, and you go into a very very deep meditation. At times the gongs are played so hard, it fills the room with sound, and there’s no way that you can hold onto a thought that is not grounded in reality. We call it a tsunami. The vibrations of the gongs are at the same rate as the human body, and your body absorbs them, the sound doesn’t go around you. They seem to go where you need them. I always come out slightly different than I went in. It is where I have done my best healing work.

Last night my friends who are the gong players, played a long, and very intense tsunami. You could literally scream at the top of your voice and not be heard during this, what we call a white noise tsunami. It’s not like other noise though, people fall asleep during this. It’s an opportunity to leave your body behind and find the place in you where your soul lies and have a conversation with it, lol.

So last night’s gong meditation was a very intense one for me. I had no intention in particular going in, but I knew I had so much to work on. The stress of selling my house, moving, my son moving to CO, training my replacement all week, the stomach bug I’ve had which I think is mostly stress, and add to that still not completely over what was done to me by S. I had a friggin catalog of stuff that needed dealing with on levels I can’t get to by myself. Yet.

At the end of the meditation, they play drums. It is lovely, it usually signifies the end to me, and I generally allow a thought to come into my head that is something like “oh shit, it’s over.” LOL. But last night I didn’t even recognize it as the end, it was just part of. I lay still and in the place I’d traveled to, for so long after the playing stopped, I didn’t really come back until I heard people around me having conversations. Although, this is not unusual for me. I have more than once had them call me back at the end….

I was emotionally exhausted from the work I’d done. I usually write about it here when I get home, but could not, last night. I had to let it roll around inside of me, and settle out. I went to bed, late, and didn’t sleep well. I finally got about 5 hours of good sleep, and this morning, I feel slightly more evolved, shall I say. Slightly more able to deal with all the stressors I have.

I thought I felt S’s energy Thursday night, on the way home, and it kind of upset me. I’ve not felt it for almost 3 weeks, and thought that I was finally free of it. But this morning again, while I don’t feel free of it, I also don’t feel weighed down by it. I can say once again, NO. I can say, I love you, I’ll always love you, but NO. You have to leave me alone, and put a wall of light between myself and the energetic cord which is trying to wrap around me.

I have a lot to do this holiday weekend. I’m going to paint my deck, go to my bff’s tomorrow for a get together, mostly just “the girls”, and hang out by her pool. Monday I think I need to go shopping for a few things to take to Virginia to my family reunion/mother’s memorial and burial. So my weekend won’t consist of me sitting around looking for something to do and someone to do it with. Which is a good thing.

I went to the dr for a follow up on my stomach issue. She said that since all my tests came back negative, that all my parts are functioning as they should be, that I probably had a bug, and it’s gone, and I have some residual inflammation left over. She renewed the prescription she had given me, to take as needed, and said that it can take 8 to 10 weeks for your stomach to settle back down. I am feeling much better. She also said, in answer to my concern over having a drink, that red wine is probably good for it, lol. With all the anti-oxidants, and the fact that it’s fermented….so cool. I can have a drink at my bff’s tomorrow!

This morning I sit on my deck, listening to the birds, watching the sunrise, in the fresh early morning air. Life is a blessing today. Feeling much more grounded, much more centered. More like myself today.

Love and light, everyone. Have a lovely weekend.

Note:  Pic is from google images.  Not the gong bath I went to but very similar.

2 responses to “The Healing Gongs

  1. would love such an experience, I have ancient bowls that i use, my time is shorter, since unless I’m leading a group, I am on my own.. must see if we have such events up here.. thanks for sharing =^_^=

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