A Dream Worth Having


dream worth having

I was in love thrice.
The first was my high school sweetheart.
We were young,
He played the guitar.
I was always “with the band”.
We were together for 3 years.
Young love, fresh love.
I gave him my virginity.
He’s still a good good ole boy.
We’re still friends,
but we never talk.
Still pickin’ at the guitar like a maniac.
He was really good.
I’m sure he still is.
It ended when I met love # 2.

Love # 2.
We were young too, when we met.
18 and free, away at college.
Hippies, the year of Kent State.
Tear gassed in the dorms
Hiding explosives.
No one ever knew.
We got married 7 years later.
For 32 years.
One son.
One contentious, ugly divorce.
It’s well over now.
I don’t miss him.
Not one bit.
Though it makes me sad.
All those years,
And I don’t even miss him.

Love # 3
I was long out of divorce
7 years.
He has killer blue eyes.
He tells good stories.
He made me laugh
Oh laughter, as good as good sex.
We had that too.
At our age, imagine.
His only downfall
Was that he was a liar
And a cheat
And he broke my heart 1000 times.
The third time was not the charm.
It was the biggest heartbreak.

But I learned to write.
Writing saved me.
He hated that I published it.
I had to do it like I have to breathe air.
We’re apart now.
I’ll always love him.
But he lies.
He doesn’t know who he is.
He’s outside the box, smart, funny.
But he lies.
He loves no one but himself.
Too bad.

So, I’m waiting for # 4.
I’m banking on the law of attraction.
Handsome, smart
Compassionate, kind.
Able to love.
Wanting a free woman,
slightly artistic,
Someone who knows who he is.
I imagine him,
On the fishing pier
Or the beach.
Maybe at the Blueberry Patch,
listening to my friend sing.
Or the Mangia Cafe
On Sunday morning.
Riding my bike.
We’ll hide away in my little bungalow,
have coffee on the deck.
Maybe wine.
We’ll laugh.
We’ll never cry.
He will never make me cry.

A lot like #3.
Without the lies.
Without the deceit.
Without the girlfriend, lol.

Ah, it’s a dream worth having.

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