Haiku No. 103: So What? (7 parts)

still here

So what? If it is?
So what? If it’s not the same?
So what? If I do?

So what? If you’re lost?
So what? If the path is hard?
So what? If I know?

So what? It will be
Forever, what it will be.
I’ll be here, for you.

So what? If you can’t
Be here for me? It changes
nothing. I am here.

I can’t be elsewhere.
Nor can you.  Try, then,  to move.
Find yourself stuck here.

I too, am stuck here.
Here, not the same as your here.
But still here, despite.

Turn around and see
The world is a bigger place
Than here, yours and mine.

Written by Deborah E. Dayen

Picture from Google Images

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