To Remember, and Forget

standing in the water 2

There was a nice sea breeze,
filling my senses,
With some undefinable tranquility.

The tide was high when I got there.
It ebbed as the day went on,
Taking with it some of my overwrought emotions
Rolled into the energy of the waves
Soaked into the silky salinity of the life giving sea,
carrying them away from shore,
To another choice
To another place.

My hair blew free,
My lungs inhaled the scents of the green sea,
My eyes took in the dazzling sparkling water,
A crown of jewels on mountains and valleys unseen.

I walked into the water,
Refreshing my tepid arms
My cramped up heart,
My distressed mind.

Turn me into cool liquidity.
Let me flow with the currents
Easily, through my life.
Let me remember all that I’ve forgotten,
And forget, all that I remembered.


5 responses to “To Remember, and Forget

  1. This is exemplary and reminiscent of good times for me… Leaving it all behind, in the deepest of blues. Beautifully done, Deb.

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