How I Got My Breath Back (A Poem)

You took my breath away
I didn’t notice
That it was gone
I couldn’t breathe.

I wanted to breathe again
‘Twas not my lungs you stole
But my heart
That you constricted.
I gave my heart to you
And you began to squeeze it
Sweetly, gently, at first.
I let you continue.
Not realizing
You wanted all the love that it held.

Greedy, you were.
And afraid.
That I might have some left
For myself
For someone else.
Never knowing
You could have it all
Without taking.

It flowed freely
Till you squeezed it dry.
And when it stopped….
You let go,
You dropped it on the ground,
Like an old cigarette,
Squishing it with your foot
To make sure it was out for the count,
And walked away,
To find another victim
Whose heart you could crush
With your gentle greedy squeezing.

What you didn’t realize was,
When you let go of mine,
I refilled it.
I won’t give it back to you.

You’ll always be a vagabond
Searching for a heart to clutch
And steal the lifeforce from.
But like mine,
When you let go,
Each one will fill up once more,
Never letting you touch them again.

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