Awaiting Rebirth

free falling

Free falling
Can’t find the ripcord.
Headed straight for a fall
A hard,
Spirit shattering,
Intersection with reality.

Oh God, that I could change it
That my parachute would appear,
And carry me safely on the wind
To land softly, on my feet.

Prayers rise,
As I fall
Unable to stop the momentum
Unable to grasp
What I reach for.

How does one
A fall to earth
Destined to hurt,
Seemingly unavoidable?

If only there were arms to catch me
To soften the ache
That grows larger
As I grow closer to
The impact.

It is total ruin
Of my psyche.
I know not
How to breathe,
Or laugh,
Or cry,
Or feel.

I am dying
Every second it comes closer.

If ruin is the road to transformation.
Into what will I transform?

This pile of skin and bones
Head and heart.
Among the broken, scattered, pieces of myself
Lies my soul.

Awaiting rebirth.


By Deborah E. Dayen

Pictures from Google Images.

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