Somewhere on the Plains

Somewhere on the great plains
He blew out of my psyche.
Maybe it was the distance
Maybe it was the vast enormity
Of seas of grain rolling past me.
Windmills pirouetting on the grass.

I don’t know when
Or why.
But with each mile
He just became a memory.
And not a very happy one.

All the games,
All the lies,
All the tempers
All the pain.

It’s just done now.
Love is always,
But there’s no room
for the games he loved to play.
Let him play them with her,
She seems willing.
All those years
And they still have so little.

There are so many amazing ways
To live our lives.
I’m on a roll, to choose one
That will bring me joy.
What will be, will surely be.

He’s gone. Finally, fully, completely.

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