Lucid Moments


Lucid moments
Amid the vast expanse of confusion.
Where are the answers?

The lead weight of truth
Casts me prone,
As I acknowledge it’s substance
As unbearable,
And slide back into bewilderment.
I cannot answer.
There is no answer.

I lay still,
Asking for clarity.
Begging for charity.
For a reason that is palpable
To explain
Why it is this way.

Radiance from a half moon,
From stars not hidden by a haze
of confusion.
Choices that resonate
At least
With some kind of universal absolution.

I needed a hand,
Strong, and vital.
Pull me off this cold ground
And show me that the world is not cruel.
Let me see the imprint
I have made on the grass,
And watch it dissipate
As the grass recovers.

As I recover and recoil
From the answers I cannot get,
From the words that I cannot say
Or hear.
The lucid moments have been harsh.

I wade in,
The moonshine is deep,
But easier to bear
Than the overbearing weight of blatant callousness.

By Deborah E. Dayen

3 responses to “Lucid Moments

      • It is good that we are able to transcend and move forward, we must always move forward and give respect to our past. 😉

        Look at how far you have come now. Are you happy now? Happiness, Love these two were the greatest prizes of the Egyptians and their ancient gods. To weigh ones’ heart before final journey, rest..

        Did you bring happiness, love to others? Did someone bring happiness, love to you?

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