It seems odd to have written so many posts, for so long, with really no drama, outside of the moving me and my son stuff. It’s lovely, really, to just go about life and deal with the settling in of my house, with no additional emotional drama. Geez, I hate that stuff, really. I’ve had more than enough in my lifetime.

I guess the sign I saw down here was right.


My son has been working a ton of hours. He’s been upset that he’s scheduled open to close 4 days in a row, 12 hour days. He’s on salary, because he’s management. He’s also been upset because he’s been at this job just over 2 weeks, and had to step in for a manager who left with no notice. My son had to figure out how to do things he’d not been trained to do. As he said, “They haven’t given me the tools to do what I have to do. It’s been trial by fire.” It’s a busy retail cellular service store.

Anyway, yesterday afternoon he called me and told me that the CEO of the franchise called him and thanked him for all his work, for stepping up and doing the job, acknowledged their problems, and would like to give him 2 tickets to Denver’s major league soccer team’s play-off game last night! They are worth $75 each, so it’s like a $150 bonus! He was so delighted! I said, “Bet you don’t feel so bad about all the hours now!” So he and his bff out there went to the game last night. I also told him that I bet he’d have a lot of friends back home who would be jealous! My son played soccer goalie when he quit hockey, he loves the game. Happy for him.

Hoping my friends want to go to the brunch (at which I’ll just get coffee) and listen to some music. Then maybe I can get them to take me to the thrift stores to look for a kitchen table, and a TV stand and some deck furniture.

I missed the sunrise this morning. Got up a little later than normal, didn’t feel like rushing off. Maybe I’ll catch the sunset, maybe I can get my friends to go over to one of the St. Pete barrier beaches and watch it with me. I just stepped outside and the humidity seems way less this morning. It’s a nice break.

I guess its time for me to get to living this easy laid-back life. Love and light everyone. Hope your day is wonderful.

4 responses to “Cured

  1. Your son was recognized for his hard work. That is so awesome. Please tell him to keep up the good work. I’m so glad you are continually adjusting there.

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