Safe Passage


Trembling, seeking safe passage
Through unfamiliar pathways
Unlit by human fire
With timid steps I search
For the man who holds
The answers
Behind his golden eyes.

I don’t know where to find him.
I tiptoe down cobwebbed alleyways.
Instinctual, but
Shivering with fear,
I feel my way
Through the latticework of brokenness
Where the light from his eyes glows in the cracks.

The glowing light distorts my vision,
Makes me believe,
Though I should run.
Enigmatic, and magnetic,
I cannot escape the gaze I cannot see.
Endlessly I searched,
He remains out of sight.

Weary now, and weak
I beg relief.
Send me to the sea,
To the warm embrace of Neptune’s depths.
End my search for what cannot be found,
Dim the light that blinds my eyes.
Let me float far beneath the crashing waves
In the still waters of the deep.

By Deborah E. Dayen

Picture from Google Images

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