How It Felt


Evening sets in
She lets go of the day,
The sun’s brightness blinded her
She welcomes in the night.

The shadows conceal her thoughts.
No one will see her melancholy brow,
Nor the tear she brushes from her cheek.

The things that happened slide through her mind.
Holding on to the golden thread
With which she tenderly secures them to her memory,
Anchoring herself in a swelled sea of emotion.

She remembers how it looked,
That gaze across the table.
The hushed voices in the quiet
Stars twinkling through the trees.

She remembers how it felt,
The heat in the dark,
The touch that connects.
The words left unspoken,
The laughter.
Oh yes, the laughter.

She smiles, then,
In the dark.
She remembers,
How it felt to love.
She’ll love again.
She hopes.
Love always, all ways.

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