Life sure throws you some curveballs
You know?
Car accidents
and trumpery.
Hurricane misses
And new friends.
Successes that are unexpected
Successes that weren’t even attempted
In any way.
Yet they happened. Happen.
Failures too,
Over things that were not even on the table
As far as you knew.
Or know.

I mean,
I looked at this one thing
And thought,
I guess I failed.
But I didn’t even know it was up
for success or failure.
Maybe it’s just in my own mind.
If it was, is,
Just in my own mind,
I didn’t have all that much attached to it.
Which ever it was, is.
My reaction was, is,

Cheap wine…
If I smoked I’d remark on cheap cigarettes,
But I don’t.
But the wine…
It’s about 40% less.

Flies out the window with a new house.
But yesterday I got some back
Enough to fly my son here
When he wants to come.
More cool.

Some curveballs….
Are good.
Bring you closer to where you really wanted to be.
Even if you didn’t know it.
Some are bad,
And hit you in the stomach.
But I’m betting,
In the end,
They still bring you closer to where you really wanted to be.


By Deborah E. Dayen


2 responses to “Curveballs

  1. Lot’s of insight going on here. The kind that comes with aging well in good time. I believe we will end up closer to where we want to be, in spite of the curveballs, or because of them. (Had not heard of trumpery til now. Gave me a chuckle.)

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