Benefits of a Weird Dream

I had a dream last night, that just creeped me out. I was up in the middle of the night, looking it up on

It turned out to be quite a telling dream. Showing me that something I was doing had not been sitting well with me, and that I’d done the right thing regarding it recently. Also that I was giving it WAY too much time and attention. It was crazy, and way too personal to put up here. But it was well out of my normal comfort zone, and now I am getting back into it.

The point is, if and when you have a creepy dream, as we all do at least occasionally, rarely even, look it up on It all made so much sense to me, and totally related to my life, and showed me that I’m back on the right path again.

Not the first time that trying to interpret a weird dream has helped me.

Time to get on with my day. Onward.

Love and light.


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