Thunder and Lightning

Thunder on the horizon
Is telling me the story.
The lightning flashes
Sending me an alert.
“Danger ahead”
“Proceed with caution.”

And I heed the warning.
It puts fear in my heart,
a scare on my face.
Feeling very vulnerable
In the face of it’s power.

Maybe I need to hole up
In my house
Until it passes.
Until I can take a clear breath,
And see daylight again.

Still, I watch it,
Mystified, magnetized
to its power.
Unable to break my gaze
I shake, and shiver
And wish it were
The day after tomorrow.

When the thunder
And the lightning
Will be gone.
No longer a threat
To the sanctity of my mind.

I’ll just have to wait it out.


2 responses to “Thunder and Lightning

  1. Sometimes all we can do is wait!!
    Strange thing is, I find thunder and lightning fascinating and it is cozy when being indoors, with someone you love. If I am single and alone, I hate it though! Then it just scares and annoys me, cause the loneliness becomes so palpable.. like, the only thing protecting me from the thunderstorm are these walls…
    guess I am still glad I have an apartment, not everyone does… ! 💙

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