Lovely, Peaceful Evening

I just came home from open mic night with my friends. Two of my friends sang a duet, Unforgettable, it was really nice. I helped them by finding the words and an arrangement on Youtube, they had not practiced it at all together. But it was lovely. Then my friend Beth sang another of my poems, The Dream at the Door. She did a lovely job with it. I was so honored, again, that she wants to do that. This is the link, if anyone cares to read it.

It was so pleasant a night. In the high 70’s, still warm enough for summer clothes. I just love sitting out there, under the stars and the trees with their lights, sipping on tea, and tonight I split a salad with Beth. I love that people know me by name, and I know theirs. Feeling more part of the community all the time.

Tomorrow they have their First Friday Artwalk through the town, where people sell their art and crafts, and there will be live music throughout the little downtown area, that is really about 6 blocks long, both sides of the brick streets. The street ends at the casino and beach. It’s just picturesque. So, tomorrow I’m planning to be home all day, until I go to that in the evening.

Going to try to do some yardwork. I have one large tree in my back yard that gives total shade to the back yard, but here, since there is no winter, the leaves just drop off when they die, and no one has really raked them up for a very long time. Since I can’t do much indoors until I get some of the things I need, I’ll work out there.

One of my childhood girlfriends is coming for a couple days, Sunday and Monday. That will be so fun to see her. She came when I got here, but my stuff wasn’t here, so she couldn’t help me move in. She lives on the other side of the state in Daytona Beach. Looking forward to seeing her.

Weekend is shaping up nicely. Feeling pretty good tonight. I just have to be careful what I eat still, for the next few weeks.

Love and light, everyone.


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