The Dream At The Door

Dreams at the door

A dream knocked on my door
One day.
I asked it in, for tea
Or coffee
Or a glass of wine
Or water.

Whatever it wanted.
I wanted
to hear what it had to say.

The dream talked
A voice in my head,
whispering in my ear.
It slid it’s hand up my back
And made me shiver as it
wrapped itself around my head
and my heart,
And assured me,
“You can do this.
It will be a breeze.”

Of course, I didn’t listen
At first.
But the dream stayed with me
It wouldn’t let me go
Like a halo of possibilites
It kept telling me I could.

I would lay down,
it would wrap around me like a lover
and whisper
“You can, you really can.”

I’d take a shower,
It would slide down my skin
Caress my arms, kiss my legs
“I know you can…..”

Little by little I gave up
I let it begin
To unfold.
One tentative step
After the other.

Until I found myself
With the dream,
Still stuck to me
Like sheets after
Making love on
A hot summer afternoon.

On the cusp.
The dream unfolding.
The joy chomping at the bit.

And the dream,
Like a satiated lover,
“You could.
I knew you could.”

By Deborah E. Dayen

Picture from Google Images

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