Translucent Moonlight


The night is still
As the not-quite-full waning moon
Casts it’s translucent light
Across my heart.

Where is he, tonight?
The one whose name I cannot say,
Who I’m not even sure exists.
Does he think of me?
Does he search for me
In the moonlight,
Under the stars?

Does he imagine
What it would be like
To be here?
Does he imagine,
Like me,
That passionate kiss
That grows into more?

Does he wonder
If we’ll ever find each other
In this big wide world?
Will our souls reach for each other
In the night?
Will the energies swirl
And draw us in
To each other,
At last?

I wonder,
In the still night,
under the moonlight.
No answer comes.
Until I am not.

Love always, all ways.

By Deborah E. Dayen

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