Under the Banyan Tree


Leaves are rustling in the breeze
Palm fronds swaying gently.
The hibiscus blooms continuously
And the bougainvillea too.
The banyan tree has roots
They criss-cross the ground like paths
Created for the zillion geckos
The run around the yard,
Up and down the trees.

It’s the stuff of dreams
Sitting here on my deck.
I wish you were here with me.
To share this peace.

The worries of the world seem smaller
The worries I have, or had,
dissipate in the shade of the banyan tree.
The breeze blows,
And it feels like unconditional love
From the Universe.
Telling me
That Yes, I dreamed the dream
Well enough
To make it come true.

I’m not done dreaming.
Under the banyan tree
And the old palm
Dreams abound.
Life is what we make it.

Come join me here,
My friend.
Under the banyan tree.
Leave winters cold
and bluster behind
If only for awhile.
There’s room here,
On the deck
In the house
In the dream.

By Deborah E. Dayen

Picture from Google Images


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