Thriving in Harmony

So here I sit, under the banyan tree, and the palm. Killing some time and having a bit of lunch, listening to music. I told a friend I’d give her a ride around 2. Then I’ll go straight to my sisters. I seem to be talking a lot about this tree, but it really is a cool tree, with its multiple trunks and roots arrayed on the ground.

I love the way plants kind of live in harmony here. The banyan tree is host to a flowering vine, I think it’s bouganvillea but I’m not sure. As you walk down a street, or drive, you see many trees with other plants growing on them, or in them. Not just killer choke weeds like up north.

I have a companion on the deck for lunch. This cute little gecko, sunning himself on my deck rail. He’s a pretty large one, to be honest. Most of them are half his size. I guess it could be a she, I don’t know how to tell the difference, lol.


So peaceful and quiet out here. This town is not necessarily a retirement community. It’s a real old style Florida neighborhood, full of small single family homes, some kids. I never wanted to live in one of those homogeneous 55+ communities. I like the diversity in this neighborhood.

At the town dock at my sisters, there’s a mangrove tree. It’s such a cool tree. If I remember when I’m there I’ll get a pic of it. If I can get inspired, maybe write something for it, lol.

My sister gave me an Amarylis flower/plant. I finally planted it, and it’s actually growing! I was hoping I wouldn’t kill it, lol. They are so pretty. I have an orange hibiscus outside my front door, which I love. It goes with my orange door, and trim. It’s bloomed continuously since I got here. I have a few other flowering plants, but have no idea what they are. I’ll have to ask my sis, she loves gardening, and knows almost all the plants.

Well, time to go pack up my car. I’m taking my laptop, so I can blog. Love and light everyone.

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