Bare Minimum, or Like a Bear? SoCS


Sometimes my functioning is at the bare minimum, barely working. Every morning, I get up, go make coffee, and God forbid don’t ask much of me until I get that first cup down. Waking up, seeing the sun come up with first a half an eye open, then one, then both.

Now functioning enough to check on my WP stats overnight, check my email, flip through FB and see what my friends are up to. I pause. Now I am awake enough to do a morning meditation. I search through my saved sites, through the apps on my phone, looking for a guided meditation that will work like a bear to see me through the day.

Lots of choices. Lots of peace available.

Now, my soul is laid bare, to me. I accept what is, I stop longing for what was, I live in the moment. Thoughts run through my head, but don’t stick, I just observe. The sun pours through my windows, and lights up my life. My meditation ends, I am like the bear coming out of hibernation. A little groggy, a little hungry, but rested. Content that life is moving as it should be, under the direction of the Universe, which I suppose is my particular term for God.

Meditation brings me to surrender, and really, that is something a bear is not thought to do, but even a bear knows when he cannot control a situation and will leave it alone. I am content, at the moment, to allow the Universe to work in my behalf. Let go, let go of the controls.


This post is part of the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt by Linda G. Hill.  The prompt this week was bare/bear.  If you would like to join in, please go to her page  for the rules and instructions.  Thank you Linda for the challenge today.


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