SoCS Prompt: Soul/Sole Traveler

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IMG_0952 (2)

The picture above is a picture of my soul traveler crystal. It is one of my favorite crystals of the many that I have. It is about 3” tall, about 1 ½” in diameter, terminated at one end. In the center is what is called an inclusion, a single black dot, which looks like it’s floating. That little black dot is what makes it a soul traveler.  (In order to enhance the picture enough to see the black dot, I had to cut off the terminated end of the crystal.)

I bought it at a place in CT, where I bought almost all my crystals, called Nature’s Art. I became good friends with the woman who managed the crystal and mineral store. Her name was Barbara, and she was a wonderful resource for all things crystal. She was 10 to 15 years older than me.  She had a wise countenance, and it went perfectly with the bun of white hair on top of her head. I once bought a crystal ball from her, though I had no idea how to use it. She said even though she normally only did this for family members, she would show me how to use it. Though I’ve never been able to see anything in it, I was honored that she showed me. I’ll try again one of these days.

In one corner of the store, they had a row of buckets, which were labeled $1, $2, $3 , and were full of crystals, which you could just pick through.  Barbara never minded when I came in to the store, sat down on the floor in the corner and went through the buckets.  I found some really cool crystals in those buckets. If I couldn’t identify them, I’d take them to Barbara and most of the time she could tell me right off the bat what kind of crystal it was, metaphysically speaking. Inner child, channeler, soulmate, tabby, stargazer, abundance. There are so many, so many more.  If she didn’t know what it was, or did but was unsure of the metaphysics of the crystal, she had the resources behind her counter to look it up.  But when I took this one to her, not knowing what if any signifcance it had, she looked at me wide eyed, and told me it was a soul traveler, on it’s way through the ethers. I asked her, “Is that soul, or sole?” Because obviously this tiny dot of inclusion was alone in the crystal. She smiled at me, and said, “Both, I would say.”  It was a somewhat unusual crystal to find.

Through the many years since then, I have collected more than my share of crystals. I have a few favorites. One of them is a dolphin crystal, so named because it is a larger crystal with a smaller one attached to one side, the way you see dolphins carrying their babies on their backs. Dolphin crystals are supposed to be very protective. This particular crystal also is a channeler, meaning one face of it has 7 sides and connects to a 3 sided triangle at the point, it is also a time-link, and a window, and is what is known as self healed, meaning it healed itself when it broke off from the main body. There are no jagged edges where it separated, they are all rounded and smoothed. Another favorite is my phantom crystal, which appears to have ghosts of the crystal inside it. Over the millenia, the same fluid which created the original crystal, poured on top of it, over and over, to create the outline of the previous lives in the crystal.

Dolphin Crystal                                                Phantom Crystal

Personally, I believe we are all soul/sole travelers. We are all making our way, evolving our souls, learning our lessons, and if this crystal’s energy somehow assists me in that journey, I’m happy to accept that assistance. It’s maybe part of the grand design of the universe, one of those markers you have to think about to get the message. After all, I’ve come to believe that nothing in the universe happens by coincidence. Which extends to the energies found in different crystals.

At least, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Maybe it’s just my way of justifying all the money I’ve spent on crystals but hey, but I don’t think so.

Love and light to all.


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SoCS: Celebrate!


The SoCS prompt this week is “cele” which we can use anyway we want. Any word that contains “cele” is ok.

I first thought of celebrate, then celebration, then celery. Well, can’t imagine how to write about celery, so I’ll stick with the first couple. I am so tempted to look up more words, but then it’s not Stream of Consciousness if I do that, is it?

So for now, I am celebrating. A celebration of life.

For days now, and nighttimes too, we have lived with the windows open, and felt the cool air with only the ceiling fans turning.  The air conditioning has been off, and it seems remarkable, since it’s been warm, around 80.  The humidity has been relatively low for Florida, below 60%.  I suppose that might seem high to some people, but we are used to much higher here.  This air, coming in the windows and the screen sliders, feels like cool silk against my skin. That’s worth celebrating!

Speaking of silk, I went to a sound healing a couple weeks ago, which included a beloved gong, and crystal and Tibetan bowls and an ocean drum to simulate the sea.  But the reason it relates to silk is we all lay in silk yoga hammocks, which cover you head to toe, except for directly above you obviously so you can breathe, but you can also see the dancing colored lights the studio projects onto the ceiling If you choose to open your eyes. Although it was not the same as my old gong baths up north, it was quite a lovely experience.

We took our boat out the other day for the afternoon, and it ran beautifully, and so did we, actually.  We are beginning to get familiar with this boat after almost a year.  Something worth celebrating. Dan remarks how he is starting to get his balance, I tell him he’s getting his sea legs.  My sea legs were a bit rusty, having not been on a boat for a decade or so.  But they are back as much as they will come back.  I do find I am not quite so nimble on the boat as I was 10 years ago.  (Thank you arthritis.)  I keep in my head the old adage, “one hand for the boat, one hand for you.”  So far it’s worked.  I will be vigilant.  Even while celebrating.

I’ve had some kind of strange stomach bug the last few days, complete with a low-grade fever, but I’m happy to report that this morning I feel fine.  It’s been so long since I have had anything resembling a stomach bug that it really took the wind out of my sails.  I celebrate that it came and went and that I have a man who sticks by me when I don’t feel well.

In another couple of months, Dan and I will celebrate our 2nd anniversary. We are tenatively planning a trip to Denver this summer since his daughter and my son both live there. Then we may drive up to New England just for fun. We’d take our time driving 4 or 5 hours a day, and then stopping. We’ll take the scenic route if we do this. My bff’s son is getting married, and I know she will be horribly disappointed if we don’t make it. Besides, it will be a great party, lol! If we drive we can take a trip up to Boston, where Dan grew up, but hasn’t seen in over 30 years.

I certainly hope that life continues to be celebratory, for all of us. There’s always something to be grateful for, and once you know that, you can always find a reason to celebrate life. Toward that end, I can only wish love and light to all.


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SoCS: What’s Precious?

This post is a response to the Stream of Consciousness Saturday (SoCS) prompt by Linda G. Hill.  The prompt this week is the word “precious”.  If you’d like to try this prompt please go to her page at   for all the rules.  Enjoy!   The first thought I had with this week’s SoCS prompt was a … Continue reading

SoCS: As Far As I Can See

This post is my contribution to the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt of “so far”.  

SoCS 2017 badge

So far, my life in Florida has been all I hoped it would be. I left old things, relationships, taxes and a job that were no longer going serve me well, (or never did, lol) and found new things, places, weather, (except for the hurricanes) and a relationship that makes my heart sing. So far, the only things I miss about my life in New England are my son and my friends.

Yep, I’ve come so far, in a short 18 months. Every day is an adventure, kind of. We wake up and decide what we are going to do for the day over coffee. Today is cloudy but a nice 65°. We decided to go for a walk. We found a nice lot of land for sale. We’ve been toying with the idea of building a house together. So far, that’s all we’re doing, just learning about the market here. It’s into the future quite a ways, because we’d have to sell both our houses.

On the walk, we walked by a marine business that we drive by all the time, since it’s close to my house. There was a fishing boat on a trailer in the front driveway. It was about 50’ long. The business is owned by one of the premier charter fishing companies in the area. This boat was very narrow, only about 8’, which is super narrow for a boat that long. One of the guys came out and talked to us. He told us that this particular boat runs out 135 miles off shore, fishes for about 6 or 7 hours and runs back in. In one day. That is SO FAR to go for a day trip! But I know Dan would love to go, because they go fish in the deep water, and catch fish that most people don’t have a chance to catch. 40 lb grouper, tuna, and lots more. The guy told us the boat charters for about $3000 for 6 people, so it would be about $500 per person just to get on the boat, then you have your equipment rental (unless you happen to have fishing tackle for 50 lb fish) and tipping the guide, etc. So closer to $600 for the day. It would be the fishing trip of a life time though.

I would consider going with him on a charter that doesn’t go out so far. There’s one that goes out about 70 miles, it’s a high-speed catamaran, and holds more people so the cost gets down to about $300 per person. Not that I’m crazy about fishing, though it is fun. But I’d love to spend the day on the boat, on a beautiful Florida day, on the calm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Well, somewhat calm. It’s not that I’m bothered by going so far off shore. Once you’re out of sight of land you are out of sight of land and that happens in 10 to 15 miles. It’s just that I can’t justify the $600 or $700 it would cost me. I don’t like to fish enough to pay that much. Even $300 is a real stretch. I wonder if I can pay less, like $100 just to take the ride and not fish?

Dan and I talk about getting a boat, a smaller boat, like 25’ to 30’. It’s another thing that might be in the future for us. We’d both like to have a small cabin so we could stay out for a night or two.

There are lot of new plans with this new life. The days are full, and rich, and drama-free, even if we’re doing nothing but sitting on the beach, sipping tropical drinks. Or home, just working around the house, or cooking a good meal, or even just watching TV.

As far as I can see into the future, it’s a good life, so far!


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SoCS: Saved, and Safe

SoCS 2017 badge

Back when I was going through my divorce, and my son was living with his father, and I was terrified for him, and was facing an epic battle to save my son, the song The Prayer came across my view and I adopted it as my anthem for that dark period of my life. It was the following lines that I related to so well:


Lead us to a place,

Guide us with you grace,

To a place where we’ll be safe.


Fast forward to the present time. After a few detours and mis-turns, I have gotten to a place that is safe. It came on gradually, but the cumulative result is that I wake up happy every day. I no longer feel dread faced with a new day. I love my life. My son also is safe, and a new and happy life for himself. My ex….well, he’s in a place that’s safe and where my son and I are safe from him, though I could not save his life.

The other day I ran across this Mary Oliver poem, The Journey. It speaks so eloquently of the difficult task ahead of us when we leave an abusive, or even just bad relationship, or situation. I thought I’d share it for those who haven’t run across it. I hope you all enjoy it, and that you’re all safe.

Love and light, all.

The journey


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