SoCS: Admit

This post is submitted as part of the SoCS (Stream of Consciousness Saturday) prompt by Linda G. Hill.  She offers the prompt every Friday for publication Saturday.  If you’d like to join in, please visit her site,  for the complete rules.



I admit that this writing prompt is a little difficult. I can see coming at it from too many angles, and I want to choose only one. I think the one I choose will be this. To admit something is to become accountable for it.

If I admit that I have lied, I become accountable for the lie, and the repercussions of the lie. Admitting it and then not recognizing how it ripples out in this world is not being accountable. If someone lies, and can admit it, but not even try to repair the damage done, then the admitting of the lie is simply a self serving tool to say to themselves that they acknowledged it. But it does the world no good for the lie to be admitted, but leave the damage unrepaired.

Sometimes we feel things we don’t want to admit to ourselves. Perhaps it’s that we care too much about something that is not serving us. Perhaps it’s that our actions don’t ripple out and affect others. Perhaps we don’t want to admit that we long for something we can’t have. Sometimes it’s character flaws that we can’t admit to, even when someone points them out.

Admitting a flaw in ourselves is difficult, but we all need to do it. How else can we grow? Some of us are fortunate to have someone in our lives, or a few people in our lives, who can accept our flaws, but still point them out to us to keep us straight. It’s a loving thing to do, to tell someone that they need to admit a truth about themselves. Sometimes it’s a good truth, that we haven’t even considered.

Admit can mean to allow in, in the way a ticket allows you to get into a performance, or a movie, or a baseball game. Admitting our errors also allows us in, into humanity, into the universal consciousness, into the one thing that we are all part of. We buy ourselves a ticket as we peel back the layers which bury our souls. We buy a ticket to peace of mind, happiness, joy, and connection.

It’s coincidental, isn’t it, how admitting to some things feels scary, and vulnerable. The truth is that exposing yourself to that vulnerability can lead to a painful experience, but it also can bring you to the birthplace in your soul of every good thing we can have as human beings.

I admit, freely, that writing helps me work things out. My intention with writing is always to find the next layer that needs peeling back. I admit that I want admittance to the human consciousness.

I also can admit that I couldn’t choose just one meaning of “admit”.

Love and light, all.

2 responses to “SoCS: Admit

  1. This prompt does open up the possibility of vulnerability which means we are not alone, and the truth will set us free, even if it makes us uncomfortable at first.

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