SoCS: Celebrate!


The SoCS prompt this week is “cele” which we can use anyway we want. Any word that contains “cele” is ok.

I first thought of celebrate, then celebration, then celery. Well, can’t imagine how to write about celery, so I’ll stick with the first couple. I am so tempted to look up more words, but then it’s not Stream of Consciousness if I do that, is it?

So for now, I am celebrating. A celebration of life.

For days now, and nighttimes too, we have lived with the windows open, and felt the cool air with only the ceiling fans turning.  The air conditioning has been off, and it seems remarkable, since it’s been warm, around 80.  The humidity has been relatively low for Florida, below 60%.  I suppose that might seem high to some people, but we are used to much higher here.  This air, coming in the windows and the screen sliders, feels like cool silk against my skin. That’s worth celebrating!

Speaking of silk, I went to a sound healing a couple weeks ago, which included a beloved gong, and crystal and Tibetan bowls and an ocean drum to simulate the sea.  But the reason it relates to silk is we all lay in silk yoga hammocks, which cover you head to toe, except for directly above you obviously so you can breathe, but you can also see the dancing colored lights the studio projects onto the ceiling If you choose to open your eyes. Although it was not the same as my old gong baths up north, it was quite a lovely experience.

We took our boat out the other day for the afternoon, and it ran beautifully, and so did we, actually.  We are beginning to get familiar with this boat after almost a year.  Something worth celebrating. Dan remarks how he is starting to get his balance, I tell him he’s getting his sea legs.  My sea legs were a bit rusty, having not been on a boat for a decade or so.  But they are back as much as they will come back.  I do find I am not quite so nimble on the boat as I was 10 years ago.  (Thank you arthritis.)  I keep in my head the old adage, “one hand for the boat, one hand for you.”  So far it’s worked.  I will be vigilant.  Even while celebrating.

I’ve had some kind of strange stomach bug the last few days, complete with a low-grade fever, but I’m happy to report that this morning I feel fine.  It’s been so long since I have had anything resembling a stomach bug that it really took the wind out of my sails.  I celebrate that it came and went and that I have a man who sticks by me when I don’t feel well.

In another couple of months, Dan and I will celebrate our 2nd anniversary. We are tenatively planning a trip to Denver this summer since his daughter and my son both live there. Then we may drive up to New England just for fun. We’d take our time driving 4 or 5 hours a day, and then stopping. We’ll take the scenic route if we do this. My bff’s son is getting married, and I know she will be horribly disappointed if we don’t make it. Besides, it will be a great party, lol! If we drive we can take a trip up to Boston, where Dan grew up, but hasn’t seen in over 30 years.

I certainly hope that life continues to be celebratory, for all of us. There’s always something to be grateful for, and once you know that, you can always find a reason to celebrate life. Toward that end, I can only wish love and light to all.


If you wish to take part in the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt, please go to Linda G. Hill’s website, for all the rules, and to read other’s submissions.




8 responses to “SoCS: Celebrate!

  1. I’m so happy your weather is relatively comfortable. We had a temperature in the upper 60s last week a nd that. ‘S really warm for February here.

    I’m so glad you liked th eyoga experience. That definitely sounds so calming!

  2. I’ve never been to that kind of sound healing with lights and silk, etc. or to a gong bath, but it sounds wonderful, like a natural high. That’s very cool that your son and Dan’s daughter both live in Denver. Summer will be the perfect time to go.

    • It was my first time with the hammocks. It was lovely but a little pricey for me, about twice what I’m used to paying. Still, it was very nice to hear a Hong again! Yes, isn’t that cool that our kids live in the same place? Makes it nice. Looking forward to that trip!

  3. The yoga hammock was a new one for me. I might get a bit claustrophobic, since I don’t even like my feet tucked in with sheets. 🙂 Sounds like you have a lot to celebrate.

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