SoCS: What’s Precious?

This post is a response to the Stream of Consciousness Saturday (SoCS) prompt by Linda G. Hill.  The prompt this week is the word “precious”.  If you’d like to try this prompt please go to her page at   for all the rules.  Enjoy!  


The first thought I had with this week’s SoCS prompt was a line from the old Steely Dan song “Reelin in the Years” which goes “The things you think are precious I can’t understand.” Not sure why that came up in my head immediately, as I am not a huge Steely Dan fan, I like them but I like lots of music. Anyway, I think it reminded me of a few people, a few things.

I’ve known way too many people who (in the words of Steely Dan) “wouldn’t know a diamond if you held it in your hand.” There are those who value things over people, and over relationships. One of them gave me a diamond once. At the end of the relationship, he tried way harder to get the diamond back than me. Others don’t know what they have, they don’t see the sparkle on the diamond until they no longer have it. As it slips away they may or may not see the shine. Some people are far more concerned with self-gratification than honor. They want to satisfy their every whim, and dishonor themselves because they are unable to do or say the right thing. They get their cache from getting what they want, regardless of the cost to others.  That’s the ego at work.

Egos generally, in my opinion, cause us way more unhappiness than it’s opposite. There is a much larger picture than the ego ever wants to see. I think the ego is isolationist, a separatist. It comes from a place of lack, a plack of need. And causes a person, if they are not self-aware, to attach importance to things that don’t matter.

So what is precious? At the end of the day, what can we take with us? What gives us satisfaction when we lay our heads on the pillow? What things deserve our care, concern, our time?

This earth comes to mind first. The abuse we render on the earth, to feed people’s egos by way of their pocketbooks, is unfathomable. The pleasure the earth continues to bestow on us is so grand, so amazing. But she’s struggling now, The abuse piles up and does damage that can’t be undone.

Good relationships with significant others, with your children, family, with everyone, are extremely precious. Of course.

Even though I previously said I don’t understand people’s attachment to things, I’d have to be honest and admit that I have some things that are precious to me. My rocking chair, most of the artwork on my walls, some knick-knacks, especially if they have been given to me by someone I care for, or a thing that was a dream that was turned into reality by a lot of hard work.

Our dreams are precious. In our wakeful moments or even in our slumber, dreams unfold and should only be given up when they don’t serve our higher good.

Our health.  We tend to not quite believe it won’t always be there for us until it’s not.  Take care of your health.  It’s more precious than you might think.

Time is precious, at least in this lifetime. Don’t waste it.

Love is precious. To be able to give and receive love is something to be treasured. I guess I’d have to say it’s the most precious thing of all.

Love and light, all.

5 responses to “SoCS: What’s Precious?

  1. I love the line that “they don’t see the sparkle on the diamond until they no longer have it.” This is sad but true. Very thought providing!

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