Consistent Happiness

I talked to R, the second guy. It was an easy, pleasant conversation. But….I just don’t feel a connection with him. He could be a friend, I guess. He’s just got too many irons in the fire, and I feel like he’s hustling to make them work. Nothing wrong with that, but I am not in that place. I want to relax, I want a laid back life. No hustle. No bustle. And it goes without saying, no drama.

And I think he’s broke. Not that I’m materialistic, but I don’t feel like going to see some guy living in a room in an old hotel, even if they are remodeling it. Not at this age.

I still feel good about tomorrow’s date. I think our lifestyles are way more compatible. I am hoping for a few sparks, and I feel there’s a good possibility of that. But we’ll see.

I realized something when I was at my sisters, last night. I was watching a movie with her and my brother-in-law, after a lovely dinner, and an afternoon decorating the tree, and in the pool and the hot tub. I was so content, and happy. I realized at some point, that this life, now, here in Florida, is the happiest I’ve ever been on a consistent basis. I’ve had moments before, of joy. Of course when my son was born, when I got married, all the life’s moments that are spectacular. But here, consistently, I am happy. No pressure, no drama, no urgency. No negativity on a daily basis. Never freezing. Never driving in snow, or shoveling, or snow blowing.

Just happy.

Just living my life the way I want to live it.

Love and light…..


18 responses to “Consistent Happiness

  1. Come on now! Give the boy a chance. For all you know, he’s a rich eccentric who wallpapers his ceilings with hundred dollar bills! You’ve heard stories about these people everybody thinks are paupers and they have boo-coo money in the bank! LOL Maybe given his occupation, he knows that money can’t buy happiness. 🙂

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