Finding Solitude


Walking down the pier
Golden sunlit blue skies
A pelican sits on the rail
Eyeing me as I approach
In his small bird brain
If he is safe from me
Perched on the rail.

One foot lifts
Then another.
His pelican eyes
Following me
His pelican beak
But he stays.
He knows I will not hurt him.

He is still there
As I reverse my direction
This time
He just watches
But his feet stay still.
He knows he is safe.

Beside him
On the ground
A white Ibis stands
As if they are friends.
Ibis takes it’s cue from pelican.
And knows he is safe
When I walk by.

Lots of people on the pier.
A man does yoga on the end.
Another walks by
Reeking of cheap cologne
Spoiling the smell of the sea

Except for one lone fisherman
Only I walk alone
on the pier
In the crowd.

I am content.
Thoughts run through my head.
A sweet embrace
A happy conversation
Fraught with possibilities
And some fear.
Days to come
Will tell.
Right now…

The sea
Solitude, even in a crowd.

By Deborah E. Dayen

Picture from Google Images

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