Midnight Cacophony


Shadows in the light
of my old salt lamp
Reaching across time
Trying to remember

They dance in my head
Long fingers probing the recesses
hoping for tactile recognition
but the secret is withheld

Voices in the dark
whispering aloud
You cannot know
The day is silent
the world is still

The cacophony of memories
Clashing with presence
the chaos
The disorder
Must come to some conclusion

Rest your head
Weary one
Order will be found on the edge of chaos
Life will continue
Picking it’s way through,
Step by step
1000 different footsteps
Looking for the answers.
Each to find their own
In some inordinate mess

Who were you?
Why were you here?
Did you long for me in your sleep?
Or were you just looking for a warm body
To temper your solitary confinement?

I rest, the jumbled, messy thoughts
Give way to a wave washing over them.
You are gone
I am gone
Life continues.

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