Sewing and Sowing (SoCS Prompt)

So, I’m thinking about sewing. I have a bathing suit that the plastic underwire has popped through the material that needs to be sewn. It’s a fairly new bathing suit, so I certainly don’t want to scrap it. And I only have one other that fits now. I lost enough weight that the butt in my other old ones make me look like I’m carrying a load. So, I think I threw them out, so I wouldn’t be tempted to wear them anyway. Since I’m at my sisters, I know she will have a needle and thread. I used to have a sewing kit, but didn’t bring it with me.

My mother taught us all to sew, before we even took home ec, which was a required course when we were in jr. high school. Even though we bought some of our clothes, it was much more normal that when we wanted a new dress, we’d go find a pattern that we liked and fabric and sew the dress on my mothers ancient Singer machine. When Cabbage Patch dolls came out, Mom had 3 young granddaughters and knew they all wanted one, but they were expensive. So Mom made each of the three little girls a beautiful doll, complete with the little certificate that came with them. She was a pretty amazing grandmother, as well as mother.

I am missing my herb garden that I had at my old house. I especially miss the lavender. I loved sitting out in the morning, and having the breeze waft the smell up to the deck while I sat out in the morning. I have considered sowing seeds in a pot, but really….I’ll probably just by a starter plants. I have a place I could put a few pots, and if I have separate pots for each herb, one of them won’t take over the garden. My lavender, and the thyme and the lemon balm really used to fight for the space. I’d like to have rosemary, thyme, chives, parsely, basil, and maybe sage. I am not that good at sowing seeds, and getting the plants started from scratch.

So, this Saturday, I’m prompted to write about so/sew/sow and apparently I had plenty of thoughts about them.

Love and light, everyone.


This was written for Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday writing prompt. The prompt this week was so/sow/sew. If you’d like to participate, (and it’s fun!) please go to her page to get all the details!

4 responses to “Sewing and Sowing (SoCS Prompt)

  1. Your post reminds me of my great-grandmother teaching me how to sew. We used to make little lavender sachets among other things. I had forgotten about those sachets. Thanks for reminding me with your great post.

  2. Sewing is one of the most relaxing pastimes ever.

    Have you ever done cross-stitch or embroidery? I got my first set when I was 11 and have been doing it ever since. I haven’t done any for a couple of years now due to lack of time, but your post has given me a reminder that some things are worth making time for… ❤

    Your herb garden sounds lovely… That's got me thinking too – another one for the 'project London' list…!

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