3 Line Poem: Nearsighted


From a distance it all seems quite clear.
It’s up close that causes me trouble.
I think I need new glasses.

By Deborah E. Dayen

Picture from Google Images

5 responses to “3 Line Poem: Nearsighted

  1. Ugh! My eyes are failing me. I now have astigmatism in my right eye and my left eye has gotten worse with astigmatism. I hope you get new glasses or at least go to have your eyes checked again. Aging is a trip. However, I like the fact that you 3-lined poem this. Clever, Deb.

    • I use readers….but they are only 1.75. I can read without them but my eyes get buggy, lol. My problem is seeing stuff that’s in my face, not actually reading, but stuff that’s coming at me and I’m not paying attention. LOL.

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