The End of Land


Land’s end….
Hangs suspended above the water
Rocky promenade
Laying in the sand

He was there with me
for a moment
A moment of my life
And a moment of his.
We scoured the horizon
Looking for the next step.

It was water,
Just water.
There were no stepping stones.
There was nowhere else to go.
There was no boat
There was no dolphin.
We were at the end.

We held on tight
Tight enough to scar our hands
Tight enough to sear our hearts.
But not tight enough
To withstand the moon
And the sun
And the tides.

One of us washed away.
Then the other.
Leaving lands end.
Alone, in waters beginning.

Float on the water.
Live like water.
Let it take you where you need to go.
Transform, become what you never dared to be.

Alone, where the land ends
And the water begins.
Primal force carrying you
When you thought it was the end
It was really just a new beginning.

By Deborah E. Dayen

Picture from Google Images

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