A Deer in the Woods

A deer in the woods

Walking in the woods
A deer spotted me from behind a tree.
We both froze.
The deer, in fear.
I, not wanting to chase him away.

His soft eyes studied me.
Was I friend or foe?
His antlers stood tall
His nose high,
Sniffing the air for a sign
Of my intent.

I stayed rooted to my spot
Just wanting to hold onto this moment
When the deer and I crossed paths.
I silently sent him a prayer
“I am your friend, I won’t hurt you.”
He stayed, for a few more moments
Moments lost in time,
Eternity in a second.

I waited,
Until he could make up his mind
Until he was not afraid any longer.
He gingerly took a step
Eyes still on me.
I did not move.
I knew not if he would come near me
Or move away.

There was joy in the meeting.
He lost his fear, and began walking slowly
Down the path he had been on.
I watched him
Grateful for that brief interlude.
Grateful, that he chose not to fear me.

I suppose I knew
He would not come my way.
After all, he was a deer.
And had a deer’s life to live.

By Deborah E. Dayen

Picture from Google Images

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