As The Green Grass Grows

green grass

Fears fell out

Onto the soggy ground.

I watched them melt

And disappear

As the green grass,

Encouraged by the warmth of the sun

Covered them with new life.


By Deborah E. Dayen

Picture from The Spruce via Google Images

5 responses to “As The Green Grass Grows

  1. I’m afraid to go out in my yard now. Do you think the fear is gone, or will it slip inside me and turn to anger? I have always been more comfortable with anger. Because I can’t stand listening to little bitches cry about their pain, which is really the fear of somebody finding out that they “broke like a little girl”.
    As usual, Karma to all that have it coming, both good and bad! (I’m starting to get this Universal love thing, don’t you think?)

    • Hmmm. I think you’re trying, lol. Anger is more productive than pain, except that pain teaches us the lessons we need to learn. I don’t know that anger does that. But it does propel us out of toxic situations, if we manage to control the anger, and not let it control us. I’ve used it plenty, lol.

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