running on dunes

There was freedom

In her hair

flowing like ribbons behind her

As she galloped over the clouds and rain

To that place where no one claimed her

Except herself.

She breathed in the scent of love

And picked her way through the dunes

Til she found him


With the stars in his eyes

And comets in his hands.


She knew she was home.


By Deborah E. Dayen

Picture from James Arthur Foto via Google Images

3 responses to “Succumbing

  1. This is beautiful and astounding! It reminds me very much of my journey: I had to find myself first (in that place where no one claimed her, Except herself,) before I could find the one “with stars in his eyes and comets in his hands.” I love that! Perhaps it really is universal, or archetypal for strong women to need slay our own dragons first.

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