To Just Be


Rhythmically lifting.

Gliding over limbs

Like silky fabric.

Cooling, soothing

The seagulls called

And pelicans flew low over the water

Like low flying jets

Looking for a meal.

Parasailors in the distance,

And a cormorant on top of a buoy.

Waves breaking on the beach

As we drifted with the tide

In and out

Up and down


Holding on

Embracing in the turquoise waters

White sand beneath our feet

Blue sky above our heads

Telling stories

Of old,

Of new.

Bonded and freed

By the force of nature

That gently rolled the ocean in

And just let us be

Part of that one great thing.


By Deborah E. Dayen

Image from WFP Quote Blogs via Google Images

2 responses to “To Just Be

  1. Did you know that everyday somebody has the biggest drop in the entire world?
    They have no idea that their drop was so large. Isn’t that a wonderful thing?
    2020 -all about big drops of the ocean.

    • I never really considered that one drop was bigger than another, 2020. I kind of though of “drop” as a unit of measure, meaning all drops are the same size However, I could be wrong.

      Anyway, some drops are just really big drips, and some big drips are not as big as they think they are.

      But all of them end up back in the ocean, sooner or later. 🙂

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