Be My Friend

Transport me
To a place I’ve never been
Show me
Things I’ve never seen
Teach me
Things I’ve never learned.
Tell me
Things I’ve never heard.
Touch me
Where I’ve never been touched.

Move me
With your story
Fill me
with your joy
Lean into me
With your pain
Rest on my shoulder
When you are weary of the world.

Stay in this moment with me.
Don’t look behind.
Don’t look ahead.
Let happen, what will happen.
Be my love and my friend, I’ll be yours.


Note:  I found this poem in my drafts.  I wrote it back when I was looking for a man like the one I found.  I guess it’s part of manifesting what I wanted, because this describes him, and us,  perfectly.

By Deborah E. Dayen



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