Windborne Change

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See the trees bending in the wind

Their animated silhouettes dance

Through the blinds behind me,

Reflecting on the screen

In front of me.



Change is in the wind

It tells me.

Fresh air, fresh thoughts,

Fresh life.



Sometimes the change is easy

On a summer wind.

Sometimes it’s hard,

A blustery wind from across the water

Tossing things around

In the yard, in the street

Against my doors and windows.



It’s no one knocking

But something deep in my head

Fills with the blowing wind

Wondering who is coming

Who is returning

What new dream is blowing my way

What old dream is about to manifest.



Let the wind blow

Let it bring what it may

Safe inside,

With my love,




While the trees do their dance

And the wind knocks at my door.


By Deborah E. Dayen

Video taken by me today.


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