My goodness.

It’s chilly and raining in New England,

Florida winter in Connecticut summer.

Ready to be back home

Where the weather is hot and steamy

And I’m never cold.


Ready to be back home

Where my sweetie waits for me

While he works on the boat

In the front yard of my bright yellow bungalow

I’m ready to be with him







I love my old friends here

I’m glad I could come and be with them

While we grieved with them, and for them.

But we are all ready to move on now

And put it behind us.

Life is for living.


By Deborah E. Dayen


3 responses to “Returning

  1. Is it all ever truly behind you, though? Such a sad thing. 😦 I hope your friends are doing well and that they are inspired a bit more having you all there. Safe travels when you do head back home, Deb. *big hugs*

    • No never forgotten. But forward is where we all have to point ourselves, right? They’re all doing better, probably because there are so many friends and family to lean on. Drugs are a terrible thing. Give heroin deaths within days of my friends sons death, from “hot” heroin. Too many suffer the pain of it.

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