Haikus No. 445-448 (Stream of Consciousness)

I’m just sitting around today, because it’s rainy and windy outside as Hurricane Michael rages a couple hundred miles from here. I began to write haikus about whatever comes into my brain, so here they are, with a little explanation under each one.

Haiku No. 445: Ethereal
Piano playing
Under cover of dark night
Ethereal sound

A dream the other night, that I was playing the piano, and then when it awoke the dreamer, there was really piano music nearby, which is basically impossible, but there it was. We were slightly mystified.

Haiku No. 446: A Rare Sign
Sundogs appearing
In a tropical blue sky
Rare sight in these parts

Yesterday we went for a walk. At one point I looked up and saw sundogs, and half of the aura that goes around the sun. The sky was blue with thin high clouds, and some lower gray ones blowing in as the hurricane approached. Sundogs require ice crystals in the atmosphere, so I never expected to see any here. They are very rare here, I would guess, but for me, will always be my eternal good luck sign.

Haiku No. 447: Windy
Horizontal rain
Skims the surface of the lake
Hurricane winds blow

Last night as bands of rain came galloping through St. Petersburg, we watched as the palm trees bent in the wind, and the rain just blew horizontally across the water. It was pretty intense, but that particular band came and went in about 15 minutes.

Haiku No. 448: Love From Afar
Messages from friends
Wondering if I’m ok
Warm my heart with love

I have been so warmed by so many of my friends up north inquiring as to my, our, safety here. The main storm is too far west and north (at this point) to put us in harm’s way. We were only in the Tropical Storm Watch area, not the warning nor the hurricane warning area. Tides a little above normal, but no damaging wind or rain. Getting all those lovely messages from old friends just warmed my heart.


by Deborah E. Dayen

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