The sadness found me
As I tried to walk away
It called my name out loudly
I tried hard to stay at bay

But it chased me down and caught me
It sat me in the chair
Sadness tried to make me understand
What I was doing there.

Though my head was aching
My heart ached even more
Broken pieces of you and I
Were laying on the floor.

Now my work was before me
The task at hand was clear
I had to put them back together
I admit I had some fear

Fear I couldn’t do it,
As I picked each piece in turn
I welded them with tears
Wondering if I’d ever learn

When I’d picked up all the pieces
Put them back the way they’d been
I wasn’t sure it looked the same
As it had before my sin

Some think that it might be better
Than what was there before
Like the art of kintsukuroi
Is the value even more?

Time will tell if holds together
I hope I didn’t break the mold
Sadness told me it’s all I can do
Tell me, Will tears mend as well as gold?


By Deborah E. Dayen

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