Choosing Light Over Darkness

A woman who doesn’t know me at all, or Dan, left an ugly comment on an event post I shared to a local group about our sound healing. She called it “bull crap”. Why? I have no idea. Why would someone who doesn’t know either one of us, and has never attended one of our sessions, be bad-mouthing us? For that matter why would anyone cast aspersions on something they know nothing about, have never experienced, while others who HAVE been there, have heard us, have stayed through the cold and wind to hear us and be part of it, have had nothing but good things to say? “A massage for the soul” was my favorite comment.

I am stumped as to what drives people like this. Perhaps they are deflecting their own anger at themselves toward us. And who knows what that is about? I don’t, and don’t really care. I’ve decided to just ignore people who are trying to start up senseless drama over something that helps people, a lot of people, to reconnect with their true selves, to heal emotional trauma. One attendant last time came up to me after, and said, “I don’t know what just happened to me. I’ve been to a lot of things, experienced a lot of healing modalities, but nothing like this. Do you do private sessions?”  (Yes, we do.)

I’ve taken a lot of courses in sound healing and become certified. I’ve read a lot of books about it. I’ve tried to learn as much about how it works, why it works, how to bring out different tones, how to help people shift from a dark place into a lighter one. How to help them, through vibrational sounds, to get in touch with their true selves.  I’ve even begun to delve into the world of quantum physics, for a greater understanding of how vibration in all things, affects us all.

I understand that some people don’t want to go there. Some people like, actually like, to tear down others to make themselves equal, in their own minds, while others will look for avenues to raise their consciousness, not avenues to lower it. Some people prefer to stay in the darkness, hiding from everyone. Others do everything they can to work their way into the light.

So, to those who want to spread their darkness in the world, project their anger and dissatisfaction with their own lives, don’t come to a sound healing. It might make you crazy, as the light that exists in all of us, is amplified by the vibrations, and chances are that a soul that’s been hiding in darkness can’t win that battle.

Not for a second does it affect those of us who practice extending love and compassion. I feel sorry for those who call sound healing “bull crap” or calling those of us who have invested time and effort to be able to facilitate the healing “frauds.” The fraud is the one who pretends to know while he or she know nothing of which he speaks. But, the sad part is that they put up a wall between them and others.

Someone asked the woman if something had happened to make her respond with such negativity. She did not reply. I replied, and told her that it was just a matter of someone speaking about that which they know nothing of. I invited the questioner to the next sound healing, explained that lots of people went and loved it, and that we’d love her to attend the next session. She responded positively, and the woman who called us “bull crap” seems to have disappeared.

So why? I guess those who feel an incessant need to make themselves feel better by attempting to make others feel worse about themselves will always be there, in their dark little corner of the universe, alone, and waiting for someone to take their bait.

Not me, won’t be me. Ever. I wish them all love and light, I hope for the best for all of them. I also hope that they stay away from me and those I love.

11 responses to “Choosing Light Over Darkness

  1. When someone lashes out like that it is because of fear. They fear the unknown, that which they don’t understand or can’t comprehend. They fear that if they did understand it, it might make them move from the comfort zone they live in. They fear that if they allow themselves to succumb to a different way of feeling or sensing that it might challenge the way they see their own lives. Humans instinctively just dont want to change. We put up big walls to keep change away. We are manipulated daily by those who lead us to believe that any kind of change is going to deprive us rather than enrich our lives. But change is the rule our universe. Opening up one’s mind to the sound of the gong is perhaps like opening up to the potential insights of the universe. You are either open to the concept of change, or you’re not.

    • A Course in Miracles says the opposite of love is fear, that what is not love is fear. Although, I’ve heard that indifference is love’s opposite as well. Anyway, yes I agree that all anger, jealousy, and other negative emotions, even hate, come from that darkness of fear. The ego mind loves to keep us in fear. Once someone finds a way to let go of it, a space opens in the heart for all the good stuff to roll in. And that’s what Sound Healing does. It facilitates an opening of that space.

  2. Hello my dear friend! I haven’t participated in much on here in a long time, its time I got back into this wonderful blog! You are so right in this response to whoever it was who called sound healing “bull crap”. I too feel sorry for people like that! I go to a sound healing a couple of times a year. I have a fiend who plays a variety of gongs, amazing sounds! Vibrates my whole being… so beautiful… I swear I can hear voices in the sound of the gongs!! keep up the good work, miss talking to you, hope we can connect soon. Love and peace to you and Dan and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

    • OH it’s so good to hear from you! I’m happy to hear you have attended the sound healings, they are so cathartic. We JUST got home from doing another at the beach, with about 35-40 attendees. People were coming up to me afterwards, hugging me, thanking me. People I didn’t know, telling me how amazing it was. Yeah, I love the symphonic gongs, they really do have so many sounds, many of them seem human, or orchestral, and some are very organic like whale songs. I miss talking to you too. We’re going away for a week on Sunday (a cruise!). So maybe when I get back and the holidays are over we can connect. It seems you are well, and moving forward with life. I love your posts! Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family! Talk soon!

    • In the end, I also wish that for those who find it necessary to spread negativity to others who are actually trying to help people heal. Those who respond like her (and someone else who spouted off similarly)are usually those who need the most healing, but are so self unaware they just don’t know it. Hey, we’re all just walking each other home. Some people make the path more pleasurable and some make it harder. Thanks for reading and commenting. 🤗

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