We Can Always Choose Love

This morning I listened to Deepak Chopra say “If we have a choice between love and grievance, we can always choose love.”  He went on to talk about noticing and allowing into our hearts the abundance of love all around us.

So I began my meditation with that thought, because although I sit out here on my deck alone, I can feel love from many sources.  It gives me strength.  Then I took that strength and focused on visualizing my good health, my financial abundance, selling my house for what I need to get for it, finding the perfect spot in Florida.  Maybe even finding the love of my life.

Asking, believing and receiving.  Three simple steps to achieving the life you want.  I’m going back to that place, so simple yet so effective it has been in my life.

I had this surgery with no pain, and honestly, there have been other rather profound changes in my life, in my psyche, that have occurred in these last 4 days,  None of them painful.  Just forward motion. It’s a good experience, to be able to close a book and open another without a huge amount of drama.

Breathing deeply, and counting my blessings.  Sending love and light to all.